When you contact us first, we try to schedule a free intake conversation either by phone or in person. During this session you can expect to tell us quite a lot. We want to hear as much as possible to properly understand your requirements, be it a young start-up or a well established enterprise. We will ask you questions to make sure we are all on the same page so please bear with us while we do the intake.

As a professional advisory group we highly respect the privacy and confidentiality of every single client so if you want to disclose trade secrets please do ask for an NDA to be exchanged first. We comply with European data privacy directives (GDPR). Details are available under our privacy declaration in the website.

Once completed, the requirements will be internally assessed to see if we have the right resources to assign to the project. It can sometimes happen that we have to apologise if we don’t see a match between our core competencies or compliance requirements and a project or its dependencies.